The Beginning of the Journey

Ever since I could write, I’ve kept a journal. I think I still have every single one of them. It’s my way of getting out what’s inside; of decompressing, if you will. It’s the way I process what’s going on in my heart and life, and it almost always turns into me just talking to God. It’s been really freeing to realize that writing is the way that I pray and the way that I most clearly hear the Lord speaking to me.

About 2 months ago, I felt like the Lord suggested that I start a blog. I’d never really given much serious thought to writing a blog, mainly because everybody is writing a blog now, and it seems like the popular thing to do. I hate doing what’s popular just because it’s popular. And besides, who would really read it anyway? Doesn’t everyone already have enough blogs to read? But nonetheless, that’s what He said. So my next question is, why? Why would God think it’s a good idea for me to start a blog? Well, I decided to journal about it.

This is an excerpt from my journal back in September, after I asked myself the question, “why would I start a blog?” Here’s what came out. “To make Him known. To make His name great. To establish His Kingdom on the earth. To tear down strongholds of religion and false mindsets. To establish a spirit of unity, honor, love and grace in the world. To inspire hearts to freedom. To life. To worship. To break down walls and facades of isolation through transparency. This is why I know Him. He’s why I live. Truly live. To bring about a standard of thankfulness. To inspire others to not live by yesterday’s standards and ways of doing life. Today, there is new revelation. New wisdom, new grace, new life to grab onto- to violently take hold of and to root- to plant deep down in the soil of our hearts so that we can bring forth and bear new life. This makes me want to worship  Him. I don’t have any answers in and of myself, but I am intimately acquainted with the One who does. And I know that if I open up my heart, my mind, my spirit- and open up my mouth, He will come forth, and He will go forth and mend the broken places, restore what was lost, and make right what has been turned upside down. He’s faithful to do what He says He’ll do. I’m a vessel, and have been placed here for such a time as this.”

So here I am, writing my very first blog! My hope is that as I share my heart, your heart will encounter His heart, and experience love and grace and freedom like you’ve never known before.


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