Lessons I’m learning in the in-between

I am in an in-between season. I am not where I was, but I am not yet where I want to be. I’m sure we can all identify with that at some point in our lives. These are the seasons where we wonder, “what the heck am I doing?!” and we sometimes feel like we’re floundering about, unable to make sense of why we are where we are, and what the meaning of all this is.

You see, the illusion here is that this time in our lives has no purpose. Or it’s purpose is eluding us. Or if you’re like me, you wonder from time to time if the purpose is to make you completely and utterly miserable. Ha… Just being real.

I find myself asking why way too much. Graham Cooke says that ‘why’ is a victim question. Ouch. He says that instead, we should ask God what He is doing and how we can partner with Him in the process. Instead of seeing ourselves as poor, powerless victims, those questions put us in a place of co-laboring with God. They’re relational questions. I like that.

So, in asking God those questions, these are some things I’m learning right now.

In every situation, it is always important to ask myself if I am valuing my heart. Recently I found myself in a situation where I was not valuing my heart. I thought I was “denying myself” and putting others before me and being a servant. This is a good thing to do, but NEVER at the expense of my own heart. What I mean by valuing my heart, is that I am making sure that I put myself in situations that are life-giving to me, not sucking the life out of me. I look at it this way- You know how they tell you on airplanes that in the event of an emergency where the oxygen masks are needed, ALWAYS put yours on first before helping the person next to you? It can seem selfish until you understand the reason why. If you’re gasping for air, you won’t be in a position to best serve the other person. You’ll be in panic mode, just trying to survive. Panic or survival mode is never life giving or beneficial. God’s heart for His children is always abundant life. This doesn’t mean He’ll never ask us to do things that are uncomfortable or hard or sacrificial, but when He does bring us into those situations, He always has the grace and joy that we need right there waiting for us. If we want it. So, I realized that it’s not selfish of me to step out of situations for a moment so I can put my “oxygen mask” on. It’s vital. It’s necessary for me to live the abundant, joy-filled life that God is offering me.

So, there you go. My lesson for the week. The in-between seasons are there so we can take time to discover new truths about God and ourselves. It’s vital that we engage in this process of asking God what He is doing and how we can partner with Him, because through our relational pursuit of Him, He wants to show us truth that we will need to carry into the next season.

Now that I’m learning all this new stuff I guess it means I have to stop whining.


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